– Sleep Don’t Come Easily Ep [Kanja Records]

Distributed by Pressology – With this new concept we are slowly emotional away from high point leisure music. Kanja Records is a digital and vinyl set down characterization from Slovenia. Our aim is to make available mark electronic music, nurture obscure artist and spread the infatuation via our music. This releases wishes be vinyl on the other hand, reduced copies, no digital improving. In this series we drive now artist such as Duky, Paul Mad, Silat Beksi, Impartial_me, Shintaro.D, Kensuke Yasuhara, Consep and Claire to celebr a few. His initiation EP guides us into a daylight, translucent cock’s-crow morning music with shed weight breaky beats. Trivial voices and textures generate a magnificent melodiousness, where each dovish is basic but not chief. In 2016 we released a new concept called Sunday Mornings, a vinyl series of releases, based on ahead of time morning music, pre reception and after dinner party gems. Kanja Records presents an upcoming artist. On our stage we already presented profuse together artist such as Cicuendez, Monika Ross, Sonartek, Vedran Komm, Yanee, Martin M, Flyhigher, Adam Lean up against, Enzo Leep, Dean Barred, Adi, Amo, Coriesu, Michael Rosa, Aleksandra Grum, Manna From Sky, Kindly N Stratagem and Garnomala. - Sleep Don't Come Easily (Original Mix) - Zombie (Original Mix) - Run Through The Space (Original Mix)