Mollono.Bass, Dole & Kom, Timboletti, jPattersson – Ruehn [Acker Records]

The mix of Dub and Techno is not exactly new. However, JPatterson found a way to combine these genres in a way that checks all the boxes to be classified as fresh and exciting. His rustic Prog-a-Dub grooves burst with reckless danceability, the sound of his tumpet has an emotional intensity that simply doesnt exist in the digital music domain. But the catchiest element of his track Elevator is yet another one: Its his voice and its contagious casualness. The Dub Version of this track is a bright summer day turned into rhythm and melody. It gets even more exciting than this, as a hand-selected group of party heads from the Acker family has remixed Elevator. Timboletti turned it into a slow, delirious afterhour groove (digital only). Dole & Kom redesigned it into an understated anthem. And created an energetic rhythm environment for the weightless trombone that feels like its vibrating right in middle between the original and the Dub Version of Elevator.

jPattersson - Elevator (Original Mix)
jPattersson - Elevator (Timboletti Dub Down Remix)
jPattersson - Elevator (Dole & Kom Remix)
jPattersson - Elevator (Mollono.Bass Remix)
jPattersson - Elevator (Dub)