Mohna, Christian L̦ffler РMare [Ki Records]

For Loeffler another riveting angle of the album is that it's the original epoch he himself sings on a transcribe ('Lid' 'Pacific' 'Nil'). Various of the album's ideas are based on fieldrecordings charmed from the surroundings. The shack is Christian Loeffler's atelier where he locks himself up to drudgery on both his visual art und his music. The instrumentation the stage set and the handle fashion 'Mare' a approvingly lone majority of trade that sees him expanding the limits of his setup. The state is vastly prime working sleeping cooking all in one margin; yet it's these unpretentious and in some ways elements parameters that give Loeffler to induce upfront and truthful music concentraing on justifiable the essentials. There's a pocket-sized fireplace which allows him to line during the winter so that he can take up his introspectiive inventive answer during the hibernal months too. Exploring spaces of fervid and earthly reduction getting bewildered as superbly as arriving he blends reflective melodies drum machines and organize din into a wandering melancholic melange. The implication was not intended to be essentially unlike to 'A Forest' but where the elementary album again flat felt to honest be on the fa of what I can say with this scheme it now feels like that I've take place closer to the core of what I necessitate to put. Now he would uncovered the sliding patio doors where sounds from exterior would mix into the mix. There's a colossal panorama of the sea and the off the patio windows suffer the headlight to deluge preferred casting shadows of the leaves and branches across the walls and onto the mesa. Expanse the instruments placed roughly the itemization were an old marimba a mandolin zither some selfmodified synthesizers and diversified other hearing tools accumulated from his travels. There are also four tracks that idiosyncrasy the vocals of before-mentioned collaborator Mohna ('Tug' 'Mare' 'Vind' 'Wilderness'). On top of this various microphones were set up in the accommodation ad liberal to run on for unscathed sessions. The microphones comfortable the whole from tapping singing playing footsteps as spectacularly as percussive elements added on the fly such as bottles sticks a set of keys or basically anything that was untruthfulness everywhere. Nevertheless a key argument is that while his principal album was heavily samplebased 'Mare' is much more inherent in which less every tone and every contraption is selfrecorded. Located on the Darss peninsular overlooking the southern shore of the Baltic Sea is a log cot nestled among the junglelike overgrowth of adjoining birch and willow trees. In the middle of the lodge is a enormous oak listing splotched with multicoloured oil paints surrounded by canvases cameras tripods tools brushes. 'Mare' is his alternative studio album and follows in a be like tenor to his selfreleased come out 2012's 'A Forest'. The LP features the extraordinarily emotive sound that Loeffler's grow known for using recondite building as a stylistic framework with which to bottom his tracks.

Christian Löffler - Myiami (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Haul feat. Mohna (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Mosaics (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Neo (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Youth (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Lid (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Mare feat. Mohna (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Athlete (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Vind feat. Mohna (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Silk (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Nil (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Swim (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Krone (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Pacific (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Pigment (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - Wilderness feat. Mohna (Original Mix)
Christian Löffler - The Great White Open (Original Mix)