Mogo, Technicalissues, Juan RMS, Aka SkyWalker – Intellectio Ep [Tlaloc Records]

Intellectio EP : Definition: "Perceptual abilities including abstract and logical processes. The various pieces of this EP will take us through different stages: From simplicity to complexity, from the abstract to the concrete, and thus to awaken beyond the realm of our senses : what our imagination and its faculties can create.

They are these kind of melodies which transport us in a different universe.
A striking atmosphere."

Artwork and Design __ Pia Toffano . Aquelarre // Rosario, Argentina.

Aka SkyWalker - VilCabamba (Original Mix)
Aka SkyWalker - Intellectio (Original Mix)
Aka SkyWalker - Acid Junkies (Original Mix)
Aka SkyWalker - Unexpected Phenomens (Original Mix)
Aka SkyWalker - Hunter (Hunting Version)
Aka SkyWalker - Hunter (dikroN Remix)
Aka SkyWalker - Hunter (Lucas Masotta Remix)
Aka SkyWalker - Hunter (Juan RMS & Technicalissues Dub Remix)
Aka SkyWalker - Hunter (Mogo Remix)