MODOR – Deeps Of A Memory [Mandala Sounds]
[MODOR] started his way into the music with another alias since 2003 and during this experience he made contrastive experiences as dj, processor and air shows. Before long he determination be released on Puchero Records (Costa Rica) owned by Proud Iberico and Mely Rodriguez with his opening three tracks, but he is closing other contacts that wishes go on his record. A range based on atmospheres, bridges, electronic melodies with plays of effects, distortions and cutoff and extensive and sub bass lines and then on sunless vocals too. [MODOR] is a techno and electronic broad music fabricator based in Italy. Working unyielding on his ableton software and on his Korg synth, he is at the persevere in investigate of the excellent hearing. He worked in various diffetent clubs in Italy and in other countries such as Greece and Spain, where he played music for covert parties. The commitment, born on 2015, is based on an unfamiliar cloak and on big shows.

MODOR - Deeps Of A Memory (Original Mix)