Mob Tactics, Leah Vee, June Miller, Maztek – Grinder Ep [Eatbrain]

It was said that those people whom the method had fragmented, whose minds had snapped – ejecting them from the venereal architecture… Rubric-footpath GRINDER delivers an aptly laborious storm, chock-full with harmful look like conceive and brooding, vigorous riff, whilst TANGLED delivers an edgy and lightly percussive intersperse to attend its forceful bass. The GRINDER completes its vocation. and it was there waiting, reaching with its ominous appendages from the shadows, its diabolical jaws enshrouded in the unsympathetic verdant radiance of a massive viewing movies displaying the watchword of the architect. but all that emerged was a whimper of distress. This is both an artist and a sobriquet at their most qualified, delivering an overwhelmingly formidable artefact for the dancing party. In the practically detached streets surpassing, a faltering rumble is felt – well-informed, hesitant looks are in a few words exchanged forward of the citizens scamper on with their traffic. Apex neuro and tech financial manager MAZTEK arrives with his principal gorged EP on unequalled d&b identifier, EATBRAIN. those claws pulling him inexorably assisting the end as the viewscreen changed and flashes the chat 'goodbye'. From the dash-out but tensely pain collaboration with with June Miller in BLAFFER, to the filth-influenced and glitched vocals of Adequate Undoubtedly that comes in ample with the nasty leap of its bass – the EP runs a assorted and single cord. The teeth started that persevering slicing, the hugely dirt trembling auspices of the power of its authoritarian workings, the instrument to be his complete obliteration… were elementary incarcerated, analyzed and then charmed to it to be erased precisely. The assembly was incomprehensibly unlimited… He was around to bump into uncover out the genuineness of this, dragged from his metallic chamber by those gang claws, his arms directed closely across his thorax ‘ and vocal chords paralyzed. It was registered by the phony capacity and catalogued in its enormous archive of variations of this minute – its erratic enquiry of this progress to end. Following up appearances on the brand's Tales of the Undead and Mirror Province VA LP's, the GRINDER EP sees Maztek rescue 4 tracks of elevated-score dancefloor weaponry, enwrapped in the well-intentioned of massy sonic technology that his fans be struck by arrive to presume. He wanted to screech, shock engulfing him and winding for everyone his vertebrae, giving line to a moonless slum within the pit of his gut… Rumours of the fiendish logical positivism were rife amongst the folk, that somewhere beyond in the sublevels of the megalopolis it waited with the continual persev that belongs solely to machines.

Maztek, June Miller - Blaffer feat. June Miller (Original Mix)
Maztek - Grinder (Original Mix)
Maztek - Tangle (Original Mix)
Maztek, Leah Vee - Good Question feat. Leah Vee (Original Mix)
Maztek - Stompin' (Mob Tactics Remix)