Mo Moody – Change On Me [RMI Management Distribution]

James Kelly Jr, Marty Veney, and
Darvell Kelly. "Metamorphosis on Me" Resolution be featured on Unhappy's upcoming EP "New Creation" Deed. SlimTruey.(2017) Written by Corey Sad aka (Mo Chap-fallen)
a neighbourhood p artist from the abase northern neck of Virginia (Kilmarnock, Va)
Co-Naught if "Massacre Cadre" along with Octavios Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Ronnie Butler. Blue has a wiry communication to send out to his fans and new listeners encouraging them to be themselves. In this melody Mo' speaks wide not switching up on the people who helped make him who he is today. "Revolution on Me" Music video directed by "SkreetVision"
Produced by "Pitiless Da Operater" and hybrid by GWhite. He talks here gone and forgotten relationships and friendships that came to since.

Mo Moody - Change On Me ( )