Mmmotion, FM_, Dwell – Kisses Ep [Raw Paper Records]

FM_ reinterpretation is a first-rate Chez Damier-ish derive prolong on the appellation track – what starts off as a mild petite chord run peppered with hauntingly recognizable vocal cuts ends up relentlessly progressing approaching the feverishly frenetic finale. Premiere unfetter by Sebastian Hauber. mmmotion grabs the headline footpath by the throat, drags it thru a mud bath, unscrupulously dirtying up caboodle that was sweet-sounding there it and in the end turns in a path that is now a crunched up, bassed up residue fest that last wishes as unquestionably take one’s leave of you gasping for air. Kisses by live – so golden, it'll strike you off your feet. Drownin serves as a good microscopic synth-laden spume bath, created with the personal care to bear you down gently after the sonic voyage our artists crafted. tarry over is positively a dominion ornament of the Raw Journal Records present-day catalog. Chock full of sophistical extension and riddled with a myriad of pygmy details that not acclimatized producers can instill – this EP is justifiably a nostalgic postcard from the now gloomily passed summer of 2016… :* :* :* :* :* :* is a subsequent notable, short unassuming lo-fi lineage spoor with a garage aesthetic, that starts of with crunchy percussion and moving vocals – but when the bass and synths punt in you're quickly realizing that the superior is yet to come….

Dwell - 4.20 (Original Mix)
Dwell - ki$$es (Original Mix)
Dwell - ki$$es (FM_ reinterpretation)
Dwell - ki$$es (mmmotion realignment)
Dwell - drownin (Original Mix)