Mittens – Interdigital Spaces [iq140 Records]

iq140 is proud to welcome Mittens, a British producer and DJ living in Australia with a gift for infectious melody, with a wondrous 3-track EP. The intricate detail and carefully-crafted sonic textures displayed in each and every track are undeniable evidence that this is just the beginning. The release opens with 'Progress,' a straightforward offering with a rolling synth line and futuristic hook that utilizes ominous vocals to the fullest effect. Next up is 'NWO,' which takes a slightly softer approach, first building the groove with discreet, pulsing chords, and then introducing a lighter monophonic synth at the break to convey a cold, dystopian darkness. 'Love & Fire' ends things on a warmer note, using lush drums and a melody that is nearly impossible to forget. The track's energy swells steadily from the beginning until bursting into a firestorm just after the break.

Mittens - Progress (Original Mix)
Mittens - NWO (Original Mix)
Mittens - Love & Fire (Original Mix)