Minitronik, MIS7iK, MISIGII, Mixael P. – Detroit Street [Pure Cocaine Recordings]

Various Artists – Detroit Street is the latest release on Pure Cocaine Recordings.
Electronic music – an amazing symbiosis of cultural traditions from around the world

Mixael P. - Good Music (Original Mix)
Mixael P. - It Was Everything (Original Mix)
Mixael P. - Mercury (Original Mix)
Mixael P. - Minimal Crush (Original Mix)
Mixael P. - Que Buena Weed (Original Mix)
Mixael P. - Weed Sensation (Original Mix)
Mixael P - Go Insane (Original Mix)
MISIGII - Geometry Techno (Original Mix)
MIS7iK - Chaos Dance (Original Mix)
MIS7iK - Bad Robot (Original Mix)
Minitronik - Back Into The Darkness (Original Mix)
Minitronik - Detroit Street (Original Mix)