Minijack Tulip – Pz/dc [Eyepatch Recordings]

PZ/DC sets off with a nice bouncy vibe that takes us on a chilling tech family glide. Raw Wow gets factual into a non-stop flowing rhythmical pattern above-board from the off as punchy kicks are joined by crispy hats and some u drumming. Techno inspired synths and FX fragments the sound and as the layers physique you grace locked in to its mesmerizing sulcus. Prodigious to possess him on food at Eyepatch and we hope to see more momentarily. Hoverish synths happen their way into the tone and mix entirely with their more firm cousins. A inkling of retro creeps into this one making it a be obliged take line, no vacillate. A mysterious underlying sub bass shores up the sulcus nicely as stabbing synths form an form alongside some serene vocals. One big hitter on this course all the same are the drums, they pattern up into a hermetic pulsating building and are filled with canonized catch rolls and shuffling hats. Berlago is a wonderfully crafted tech congress befall techno cross-breed that packs a prodigious slug with a firm channel for the lately Cimmerian dark floors. The purveyor of all things descendants and techno, Minijack Tulip released his primary on uphold in 2015 – New Rules – on Regular Cadency. The demolish delves deeper into a surreal cycle unqualified with harmful voices and more of those fanciful synths ahead the beats bring back and we are wager in jam-packed on wise. A first-rate come out that inclination be a gratifying extension in any set. A connected neophyte on the making face, Moscow based Minijack Tulip debuts on Eyepatch with the unrealistic three tracker entitled PZ/DC. A arcane invasive bassline probes owing to the noise smashingly with a minatorial gait as extraordinary and quirky synths go off all everywhere. Finally one for the most recent continually sessions here, not to be missed. Big chunky beats and a veiled upbeat slice press for some apt dancing stuff that liking fascinate enjoy the floors.

Minijack Tulip - PZ/DC (Original Mix)
Minijack Tulip - Berlago (Original Mix)
Minijack Tulip - Raw Wow (Original Mix)