Mind Lotion – Altitude Attitudes [Antinote]

s escapade to his Key of Dreams (ATN026): mineral samples make the acquaintance of crystalline synths on Dreamscape, evocating half-submerged coral reefs, while the having the earmarks flute on Atmospherica entirely makes up for a big
fraction of Lagoon Race. Intellect Embrocation crafts a very much present-day c to sun-drenched soundscapes in the construction of Altitude Attitudes; a tuneful trekking-log, consisting of eight pieces, written through two years, which are recollections of experiences, moments in patch from trips either veritable or romanticized to out of the ordinary destinations. Some tunes from Altitude Attitudes, such as Inn Breakfast, plane deny the naivety of Exotica masters, while My Argot s percussions and frightful Poetic sounds someway winning us go to Umiliani s sight of Polynesia or Africa. Exploring the softness of 1980 s digital presets, Reason Cream creates mentally ill landscapes in a way reminiscent to D.K. Next to this one is the
closing way, Algo Rydim, which illustrates the equilibrium reached by Recollection Pomade on Altitude Attitudes: it eternally
stays knowing, supposing it not in any way takes itself too unquestioningly. The lose one’s cool provides the most housey moments of the recite with Astro Popsy: commencement with a heady DX-7 bassline
and layers of digital vibes, the tale in a minute turns itself into a elephantine typhoon of federation fun.

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