Mimi, Kid Astronaut, Dominique, Beata – Much Love [Symphonic Distribution]

Deftly weaving in and out of congress, face, and a c of other electronically-influenced sounds, MopTop paints with faithfulness, letting sentiment steer the music more than fashion. Joining him are the vocal talents of Beata, Kid Astronaut, Domonique, and Mimi Goldstein, providing a assorted mould of propensity and outlook that makes MopTop one of the first-rate harmonious communicators emerging from the active depths of NYC. Straight in stretch for the end breaths of Summer, MopTop today releases his first unaccompanied EP, Much Predilection, a sweltering and melodic infatuation missive to the closing flavour. Distributed By Symphonic Parcelling –

Beata, MopTop - Who We Were (feat. Beata) (Original Mix)
Dominique, MopTop - Letting Go (feat. Dominique) (Original Mix)
MopTop, Kid Astronaut - Fast & Slow (feat. Kid Astronaut) (Original Mix)
Mimi, MopTop - Either Or (feat. Mimi) (Original Mix)