Milos Ilic, Volkan Erman, Soluna – You [ICONYC]

Soluna's coming out on ICONYC is an proficient helping of trade that highlights, that he is a valid overseer of his artfulness. His fully realized epitomization of harmonies and emotions makes this the absolute chronicle to end any sorority continually with everlasting memories. He rewards us with multi-levels of wide lyrics, stamped with acuteness and phantasmagoria. It goes along with a up rifling and measured and harmonic strong patterns where the feeling is shaped to be of assistance the leap-beat. Soluna's – You is a disillusioned, lucid and dignified wool-gathering, an anthem to feeble and feverish warmth. Bulky ingredients that is not to be missed! Approval off the chord parts allowed emphasizing the richness of the proper striation. The 2nd remix comes from Milos Ilic who asserts his artistic view made up with triturated, decomposed and recomposed living resonate takes. Some drive brains the romance of a man divided between his feelings, his desires and the Aristotelianism entelechy of being, others desire be moved by the elegiac power of an artist whose lyricism enhances his doubts and his darkness. 'You' delivers advanced residence beats that wishes pressure everyone grin. Volkan Erman, who returns for his 3rd junket on ICONYC, offers a more raw and rule near that keeps all the atmospheric aspects of the beginning railway spry.

Soluna - You (Original Mix)
Soluna - You (Volkan Erman Remix)
Soluna - You (Milos Ilic Remix)