Miki The Dolphin, Alex Royers, BitTrigger – Ocean [Sun Generation Records]

BitTrigger delights us with its analog machines !
From the French Brittany coast, its music have its roots in a futuristic adaptation of Mozinor's rave experience. "Ocean" is a very remarkable Sun Generation release : Infinite spaces, fractal music, golden section, Fibonacci. It makes use of space-techno remix by Alex Royers in the track "The Run" and of a lysergic and peaceful chilly-out version of "Ocean" created by Miki the Dolphin to 432Hz

BitTrigger - Ocean (Original mix)
BitTrigger - The Run (Original mix)
BitTrigger - Xen Aum (Original mix)
BitTrigger - Monoblast (Original mix)
BitTrigger - The Run (Alex Royers Remix)
BitTrigger - Ocean (Miki The Dolphin 432 Hz Remix)