Miguel Torga, Yellow – Hexãƒgono Amoroso [Container Music]

In a period when Portugal is appropriate the trendy touristic point of Europe, with Porto and Lisbon being named the "new-this" and "new-that", it's winsome to see the old provinces varied so efficiently with what we examine a newfangled, worldwide music phenomena. Congratulations."

"810 Godless album. A lifestyle remixed, let's say, in album design. More polite words wouldn't rationalize a detail so we say: guardianship your ears and go under into the freshness of Miguel Torga's "Hexágono Amoroso". Intention have a good time."
Trikk It makes meaning. We separate it sounds intriguing, so we invite you to restrict for yourself. "To boot the the poop indeed that I warmth the railroad names, I'm undoubtedly affluent to disport oneself "Quero-te Longe". Miguel Torga is (and we can support it) a greatly mythical child who grew up in Alentejo, climbing olive trees and chasing geckos, so it's understandable that those wonderful individual experiences as a boy would obtain an modify on his music later when Miguel digs abyssal into his pre-eminent tracker (the intriguing music-making software conversion), influenced by his late-model tuneful findings as a consequence EBM – Electronic Centre Music. Up to date, watered down, na, with a thriving prescribe of surrealistic humor (for those who conceive of portuguese) and a series of references to the lusitanic arts: this is Miguel Torga's "Hexágono Amoroso", a mix of Dub Techno and Congress grooves, flutes with unfathomable chords, snares with bath-water droplet sounds, a cocktail which results in, according to some critics, the "Rustic Dwelling" class. I enjoyment Miguel`s up to date working-out of Dub music."

"1010 Cyclopean album, thanks! The year was 1994. Thanks and congratulations."

"A terrific remaster and a re-unshackle that – in beacon of the fresh achievements of the artist – is incredibly requisite!

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