MEUTE – Underground [Random Mode Records]

Thump: This Cheek Gather covers REJ by Ame and it sounds greater than the master. After REJ Demented S and KERBEROS the next spoor of MEUTE disposition be released ond 9th September: Secret is smashing Dwelling-place supervise from the beginning produced by Also gaol Curly and remixed by Dennis Ferrer. Pulsating hyptnotizing and everlastingly emotive flip. Broadcast Fritz Berlin: Rocks! No material if in the countryside or in the nightclub with or without ardour MEUTE runs. The archaic conglomerate of temerity and drums creates a new category by combining hypnotic driving techno and loaded impudence bind music. (Fetzt!) Zeit: One of the most prospering and exceptional new music projects from Hamburg. Ame: So who says germans dont maintain the funk Goncalo: Na tasty." Marc Romboy: When I produced Kerberos with my OK champion cocker Stephan Bodzin I not ever expected a robe construction like this and I requisite say I devotion it. Impel: Neighbouring Advisor: Guard! MEUTE is a Techno Marching Band a dozen drummers and horn players from Hamburg/Germany who achieve the job of a dj with their acoustic instruments. Schlecky Silberstein: How fuckin unflappable is that. MEUTE detaches electronic music from the dj desk and evolves the push of vitality on step or instantly in the drive. (Wie obergeil ist das denn bitte.) BBC Announce 1: Astonishing. After the let of the shelter side of Ames REJ in January 2016 MEUTE started an superior business and quickly became one of germanys most booked festivities bands in 2016 (more than 30 festivals including Fusion Touch Thaw MS Dockville Electronic Beats Provocative Beats Chiemsee Summer Never-never land Ait Uberjazz Winterthurer Musikfestwochen lisbon and scads more) Artist statements Dixon: Most talented Remix period.

MEUTE - Underground (Original Mix)