Metrik – Fatso (beatport Exclusive) [Hospital Records]

'Thrilling Sim', a collaboration with Fightstar's Dan Haigh and Alex Westaway's synthwave side contract Gunship, encapsulates the ethos of the album merging the strange with D&B sensibilities to fashion a modern and moving new noise. Bangers like 'Western Jam', 'Fatso' and 'Target Loam' put out up a important suitableness of the album's unstinting fifteen tracks and fortify his reputation as one of the heaviest producers on the obstruct. Metrik returns with his extensive awaited damaged album, showcasing the divergence in his putting out. Subordinate to the flag of drum & bass it draws on his delight for film soundtracks, synthwave, neo-mind and the Japanese pop sub-genus, Shibuya-kei and includes collaborations with Elisabeth Troy, NAMGAWD, Romeo Testa, Ragga Twins, Rothwell and Reija Lee. All the while crafting remixes for the likes of DJ Untested, Ellie Goulding, Gorgon New Zealand urban area and Martin Garrix, and collaborating with counterpart D&B superstars TC and Netsky. For those of a blue-stocking kind, apprehensiveness not; Metrik's sophomore album is one hundred percent drum & bass and he hasn't forgotten around the dancefloor. We also allowed the come back of Elisabeth Troy in 'Chasing Sunrise' and Reija Lee in 'Rhythm' making for two vigorous vocal highlights on the put. Fans of his UK Romp Map Top 20 initiation 'Pandemic Cant' intention hit upon quantity to admiration here notwithstanding its Metrik's worship to creating a latest and arousing surpass of drum & bass that stands to carry in a new audience and earmark 'Autobiography/THRILLS' for overnight legendary repute. Metrik's extremely anticipated alternative album 'Existence/THRILLS' released on Sanatorium Records is an restorative and flawlessly executed progression of his signature seem. Upon the over year Metrik has travelled the circle representing drum & bass at outstanding festivals of all denominations; from Glastonbury and Epidemic Conclave to Prospect and EDC Las Vegas.

Metrik - Fatso (Beatport Exclusive)