Meri – Machine Au Ep [Outpost Recordings]

We welcome Estonian überforce Meri to the chilly, remote and well-protected Outpost Camp – he has been an indelible presence in our musical sphere for many years so when these three rather large-sounding babies landed on our doorstep we immediately took them under our wing.

"Machine AU" gives us modern electro with deft musical touches (that we have already seen with Outpost alumni such as Beaumont Stanford & Matt Davis), "She's Back" visits that classic huge bassline techno sound that surely The Boss would approve of and "Stalker" shows us how deadly a sawtooth can be on it's own, as it perpetuates through this track with deadly, menacing stealth.

With artists like these we are getting even stronger in our numbers and ever-growing Outpost Army.


Meri - Machine AU (Original Mix)
Meri - She's Back (Original Mix)
Meri - Stalker (Original Mix)