Meleeon, X/Y, Urumi, NASR – Nasr’s Repad Tribulations [Kizi Garden Records]

Following NASR's Pad Series we've decided to a new series of interpretation of the emblematic Pad Two. We've launched a remix contest of the track amongst a group of young french artists called Bedroom Producer, to end up selecting the finest, tastiest, label-fittingest tracks we were lucky to receive.

Meleeon – Cosme – X/Y – Urumi

This dope EP will follow you in the street, in the clubs, behind the deck, up to your dreams. There's nothing you can do to stop the freakin' dub side of things ! Dub is in marching orders and is coming to get you.

NASR - Pad Two (Cosme's Floating Pluck)
NASR - Pad Two (Urumi's Singing Snows Remodulation)
NASR - Pad Two (X/Y's Twirling Dub Interpretation)
NASR - Pad Two (Meleeon's Spatioacoustic Redub)