Mel – Gonna Dance [New Talent]

MELANIE's medium definitely shines on these songs and her instrument reassembles huge singers
like Adele, Anastacia or Joss Stone. This conjure up is completely idiosyncratic since this is not a regular minstrel-songwriter/processor relationship
where roles are undoubtedly separated since both parties industry together on the unrestricted originative activity. Currently based in London, MEL are a pop music duo mixing various harmonious genres such as legislature
music, man, funk. This melodious formation is the partnership between MELANIE SPENCER, a choir girl with an staggering
cosy turn, gifted of singing pleasant passages up to untiring strong notes with tremendous power and
SPINOUS, a grower/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that plays guitar, bass, piano. MEL accept toured extensively in Portugal in advance coming to the UK music whereabouts, where they arrange
played in very many clubs.

Mel - Gonna Dance (Original Mix)