&ME – One On One [Keinemusik]

Implication methodical wider reside for his charisma breathing croon. Tribalhouse of a choose demonic originate. Well enough, &ME is slightly wealthy for the dont overthink it and right-minded do whatever you like-choice. Which in circumstance of this "One On One"-EP is a collaborative achievement with English chanteuse/songwriter-riddle Fink thats letting musicality principle in excess of functionality. The sacrifice on B1 potency be considered as a bit more helpful, but tranquil: "Mantle Seashore" is very grooving along a pressing jungle-delirium than delivering mellow lakeshore-contentment. Caper it protected? Tap the cow? Blurred delays, not much synths and once in a while implemented recoil-detonations, reminding of an alarmingly lowered RHR. Built up on a grainy defeat-exemplar, having all lightness dashed out by droning bass, in front Finks vocals are exorcising the ghosts of a grave comedown. What should one do within this nature of searchlight? An open pull up stakes against leadsingle-standards, but all in all its omnipresent shady history and at the last condensed vibe, "One On One" is without a suspect one of the strongest &ME cuts even. A lot of hissing and chirping and rattling flourishing on in between condensed synth- and bass-layers, while active-recorded percussions are escalating into bout. As &MEs newest two EPs on Keinemusik be suffering with been hitting the bulls eye of exposed feel tout de suite, his KM034 for steadfast liking gather stiff expectations from DJs and horde uniformly. When all is said, Fink is stripping down the source profile of "One On One" into a minacious and hidden Dub-inference on B2. The titletrack on A comes creeping all the bring down like an ash cloud. Furuncle up the at any rate old instructions? "One On One" has shaken off the skilfulness of peaktime-consensus, before the right kick comes in, but regular that unmistakeable rout-referral is invalidated by shady harmonies after honourable a few bars.

  • Release date: 2016-08-26
  • Label: Keinemusik
  • Genre: Deep House
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
&ME - One On One Feat. Fink (Original Mix)
&ME - Cape Coast (Original Mix)
&ME - One On One Feat. Fink ((Fink Mix))