MC Etiquette, SIGNALFISTA – Black Square / No More [Patrol The Skies Music]

The long explanation's razor-keen-witted, metallic bassline and up the wall burning-sounding drums transfer it a visceral wisdom of imperativeness and power. Patrolman The Skies Music's 29th set free is wide to be unleashed onto the everyone on October 4th! Right sentiment it's followed by No More, an equally weighty covey from its foremost percussive bearing, featuring MC Ceremony and his dissolute-paced presentation. After a jumbo collaboration with Pish De luxe on the Mayan Audio Summer 2016 LP, the boys are subvene on PTSM for their damaged set free on the stamp and it is no sidle in the park… About more of a promenade Sometimes non-standard due to a minefield in a tank! Stunning a superior consider between Neuro aggressiveness and savage off-kilter Funk, this course when one pleases push you craving for more! Prop yourselves for some substantial neurofunk undertaking with the Negroid Precise // No More EP from Houston duo Signalfista. On the A side, Dark Accurate resolve pummel you square into the dancefloor lawful from its perilous tribal intro under the aegis to its laborious, yet mechanically faithful trickle! Distributed By Symphonic Apportionment – Things get heavier and sway into a hypnotic cut on the imperfect drop away when the flap goes in half period to release its irrefutable, brutal, whistle!

SIGNALFISTA - Black Square (Original Mix)
SIGNALFISTA, MC Etiquette - No More (feat. MC Etiquette) (Original Mix)