Maximiljan, Samuel Dan – Spektro [ERYN]

Masters by Possession spoor 'Spektro' opens laying the underlying with an untiring percussive determine alongside an fusion of filtered and systematized vocals and choppy bass hits. Fancy! Dutch auteur and Avotre/Moon Mooring affiliate Maximiljan reworks closing way 'Credit' next, laying down a smoothly progressing, dubbed out combination on the other side of six and half minutes first the native mix orb-shaped things out with Samuel Dan's frenetic and hale design again. 'Wonka' follows and embraces a alike resemble aesthetic with umbrella filtered vocal lines, shuffling snares and minacious straightforward flutter bass

Samuel Dan - Spektro (Original Mix)
Samuel Dan - Wonka (Original Mix)
Samuel Dan - Trust (Maximiljan Remix)
Samuel Dan - Trust (Original Mix)