Max Polo – Etra [Polomusic]

Etra is an album by the variegated sonorities, some recordings were made a long time ago and pulled out for this idea was to make an album with a wide ranging of electronic music, "a panoramic view of the various electronic music styles, we can say nothing new, nothing too trivial for this album.

If you prefer, we could call it an Alternative Music Dance album.

Ambient, Trance, old Techno sonorities, Progressive House, Electro, a little bit of Progressive Rock

with acoustic rhythms, and finally classical music harmonies, complete this album.

Sure thing… the protagonists who made possible these analog sounds were:-

The Arp Quadra 1978, "used in almost all tracks"

Elka Synthex and Juno 106.

The artist tell us:-

A thrill that current plugins can never give us!

In that breath is the presence, and the life of those machines!

A note for – Wings of Steel – Track 2 and 3.

As in a film production, we have announced the first and second act.

So there will be a continuation of this cybernetics bird, half animal, half machine.

Now he has opened his wings to the world!

He will have to struggle a lot in a world that It does not seem to belong to him.

So a big change of all music will be made for this "survival war" in a new album, now it is just "the birth".

The theme inside the song "is a little praise" for a big music composer

Richard Ira Silver, alias… "Now we need to do better and better".

Trk1 Etra, or Aehtra in the greek mythology, mother of Theseus means also "clear sky" you can listen a thunderstorm to the beginning of the recording, for then evolve in a big energy dance music.

Enjoy Yourselves.

Etra, engineered written and produced by Max Polo

Polomusic® LP004

Max Polo - Etra (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Wings of Steel (Introduction) (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Wings of Steel (The Birth) (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Arcadia (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Shaft (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Body Essence (Original Mix)
Max Polo - 606 Avenue (Original Mix)
Max Polo - Interceptor (Spot 1 & 2) (Original Mix)