Mauro Mosciaro, Luciano Delgado – Avalon [Asymmetric Dip]

In a indubitably magical and regal way, Argentinian grower Luciano Delgado will-power opt for you on a round, slowly revealing surprising images and scenes, introducing nostalgic sounds and atmospheres bursting of melancholia and passion. (c) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip
(p) 2016 Asymmetric Recordings/Dip Footstep into another dimension, a peculiar department, where our rules dont rub in and where the aggregate can have all the hallmarks to be upside down.

Luciano Delgado - Intro (Original Mix)
Luciano Delgado - Avalon (Original Mix)
Luciano Delgado - Cosmos (Original Mix)
Mauro Mosciaro, Luciano Delgado - Closure (Original Mix)