Mattia Pompeo, Rafael Cerato, Marc DePulse – Devotion [Polymath]

After a unique and important flagship release, Third Son's 'Polymath' imprint returns, this time on the subject of Devotion. Berlin's Marc Depulse heads the EP with a beautifully relentless take. Complete with sustained bass drum, haunting vocal effects, and outstanding percussive elements, the track only seems suitable for the most underground of clubs. The juxtaposing emotive break (perhaps displaying the artists thoughts on the consequences of devotion) allows for a breather before the powerful low end returns.

Rafael Cerato's version of Devotion also focuses on driving percussion and includes a reflective middle section. Addictive rhythmic ideas display Cerato's ability to heat the dance-floor. Neither artist would have heard the others version of Devotion before finishing their own, so resemblance in structure choices are notable.

Valencia based Mattia Pompeo offers a more heads down affair. Refined drums thoughtfully compliment the overall tone of the track, and signature effect elements command the listeners ear.

Marc DePulse - Devotion (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato - Devotion (Original Mix)
Mattia Pompeo - Devotion (Original Mix)