Matteo Gatti, Metodi Hristov, Mendo – Music Power (remixes) [Deeperfect Records]

We all knew that Mendo's "Music Power" was simply too good to be just left there untouched. We knew, and waited. Deeperfect answered the call, and is now providing us with "Music Power Remixes": a summer night dream made of two new beautiful interpretations to the expression. The first, by Matteo Gatti, is a melancholic piece of minimalism, shaped in the spirit of Deeperfect: each and every instrument and sample carefully picked and applied. The second, a pounding Techno piece, designed for peak time hours in a roaring dancefloor, not allowing a moment of relief, stating this, is the power of music.

Mendo - Music Power (Metodi Hristov Remix)
Mendo - Music Power (Matteo Gatti Remix)