Matta – Lo Co Ep [Das Heavy]

Matta keep in repair their bass profuse experiential type with the new "Lo Co" EP released on their appellation Das Ample. This daisy of a way is already ruining leap floors. Next is "It Feels Like", an upfront, lumbering and sub massive banger with its hypnotic repeating vocals irregularly discouraged up with frail atmospheric pads. Latest is "Circle" which opens with tr pads in the vanguard giving way to barrage of crunchy flip one’s top stabs and and a impenetrable bouncing sub bass. Following this is the claustrophobic "Disputatious Seat" born from the concept of aural warfare with its confrontational sounds and trippy drums, the ring railroad to a dancehall from Gehenna. Distributed by Ticket Mechanism – Slit the EP is "Lo Co", a heads down, 'go for it' model of cavort knock over alley with its bouncing bass, swung drums and elaborate percussion all pulled together by the uneasy barking synths.

Matta - Lo Co (Original Mix)
Matta - It Feels Like (Original Mix)
Matta - Negative Space (Original Mix)
Matta - Orbit (Original Mix)