Matt Funkk, Felix Sanchez, Bizen Lopez – Legocentricos Ep [Basswalk Records]

Bizen Lopez brought us two fantastic original tracks with his Legocentricos EP, which is completed also with another two great remixes. The first track, Legocentricos, has a great deep tech groove with an amazing ambience and groove created mainly by the vocals in the backend and a super solid low-end. The second track from Bizen called Serendepia, also has a minimalistic approach, but this one has a small intro full of fxs sounds, fills and a subtle vocal line that creates a crazy vibe in alongside the texture elements. The sounds merge together into a great articulation with different percussions combined with bass line that also reflects a great deal of groove and defines this track as perfect for the dance floor. The first remix is from Felix Sanchez who worked over Legocentricos by giving it a deep techno style with a lot of minimal influences too. The atmosphere generated by the percussion layers and texture elements creates a fantastic underground and trippy vibe. The second remix was in charge of Matt Funkk, who worked with Serendepia with a much techier approach and using several percussion elements from the original track but also by creating a superb bass line that reflects the exquisite skills from Matt to create such amazing groove.

Bizen Lopez - Legocentricos (Original Mix)
Bizen Lopez - Legocentricos (Felix Sanchez Remix)
Bizen Lopez - Serendipia (Original Mix)
Bizen Lopez - Serendipia (Matt Funkk Remix)