Mathis Oreille, Memento Maurice, Kelton Prima, Mistral – Shoes Need Socks – Part 1 [Canal Auditif]

MISTRAL has the wind in its sails and let itself being rocked by old House hits from the 80's, some tracks of the UK Garage and various, mixed to the more recent productions of their era like Nicolas Jaar, Octave One, Weval and more.

Being musicians from the outset, Mistral is composed of Coco and Mathis, aged 19 & 20, two alchemists in permanent conflict about the doses to respect..

After having traveled through the most instrumental downtempo and then music for dance and performance, they're facing 2016 with a first EP: "Shoes Need Socks". Between strings, powerful basses and House syncopated rhythms, Mistral redefine a sound space which is both tight and gliding. Some DIY basslines and pans used as snares gives you this sound.

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Mistral - Shoes (Original Mix)
Mistral - Need (Original Mix)
Mistral - Need (Kelton Prima Remix)
Mistral - Shoes (Memento Maurice Breaks)
Mistral, Kamille Louis - Shoes (feat. Kamille Louis) (Vocal Club)
Mistral - Shoes (Mathis Oreille Rework)