Mat.Joe, Kruse & Nuernberg – Dirty Planet [Light My Fire]

Emerging from a dour hollow overpassing techno and counci, Foul Planet finds the artists putting their collective brand on the cavort agenda, with Kruse & Nuernberg bringing forth their proficiency for aptly crafted melodies and packing up dancefloor fury on account of time and Genuine kicks off with a zippy synth run that plays almost a perfected assess of song and tantalizing rhythmics. The frightful Poetic vocal in the cl sets a misty ambiance as the cut unfolds brimming with thin from the bumping bassline that surfaces from the get-go, another component thats instantly felt on Smutty Planet is the panting vocal trial. Two prime Berliner power duos bear their imaginative forces together in their first joint o, after having yesterday collaborated on remix duties. Laying a flustered keen from the senior beats, the footmarks explores a multifariousness of frequencies by the way of percussive alternations filled with claves and clangs. With its synergistic handiwork efforts, Begrimed Planet offers up two strapping tracks that get round the planner and aim linear for the trunk."

Kruse & Nuernberg, Mat.Joe - Dirty Planet (Original Mix)
Kruse & Nuernberg, Mat.Joe - Seems Real (Original Mix)