Massive Orchestra, Tony Forhest, Luca Tudisco – So Dangerous [Veinet Records]

Sixth put out of Veinet Records signed by the Italian organizer Luca Todisco."So harmful" is a cultivated m of lodgings music, structured wide the velvety voice of Tony Forhest that for this provocation draws melodies from the eastern put, which represents the introduction of these two artists on Veinet Records, opens a new music site and represents a new dare for the sobriquet, that is everlastingly eager to meet talents and remix of Big Orchestra bakes a new garb on Tony Forhest spokeswoman, dragged in a gimcrack feeling and supported by a decidedly funky bass virgule, which is barely one serving of the variation of samples that construct up this remix hazily nu- disco

Luca Tudisco, Tony Forhest - So Dangerous (Original Mix)
Luca Tudisco, Tony Forhest - So Dangerous (Massive Orchestra Remix)