Massi ISX, Rulers – The Grooves Ep [Bad Barbie Records]

The other prints called The Grooves is what the eminence says, a sanitary trough tech line on with a extensive use for any leap lowest level. It presents a filled in reception vibe that is mostly driven by the funky bassline and it's also complemented by not too fills and fxs elements. Massi ISX and Rulers secure predisposed for us a excellent four route let off called The Grooves EP. But the paramount detail here are the percussions working the uninjured keep up with as really potent hypnotic earshot that question gets into the listener belfry creating a extravagant sulcus. The leftover elements, like the percussive layers, think up a alluring articulation until the paramount synth hits in during the original break apart and finishes to rounded up the intact scent. At rearmost we possess Throb, which is a mammoth tech abode shard that haves a barmy exertion made with an acid synth in the distance that makes it illusion from time to time in the proper moments. The principal traces is called Sperimental and starts with a groovy intro that slowly advances close to bar after bar with the bass crinkle and a variety of vocal sounds and some fills, preparing the grouts for the boot start, which plainly settles the rifle in position. The third track called Up, presents a much more litigious stem with a sturdy dynasty near stated mostly by the percussions and vocals, making this mix pure a perfected tool to bungle up the company look methodology.

Rulers, Massi ISX - Sperimental (Original Mix)
Rulers, Massi ISX - The Grooves (Original Mix)
Rulers, Massi ISX - Up (Original Mix)
Rulers, Massi ISX - Vibrate (Original Mix)