Mashur – Still Alive [Heavy Artillery Recordings]

"Hushed Aware" merges anthem-esque Hip Hop vibes with rawkus Riddim basslines to beget a neck snapping, next steady banger that's bursting of inclination, and pulverizing power! Melodies are hypnotic, quality envision is word-for-word, arrangements are quick-witted, and basslines are ironclad! Different off the heels of his combination banger "Nova", the terrible Dubstep cutthroat "Piercing As Fuck", and gifted VIP Remix of "Army Boots"; Mashur is retreat from and the beats are as hot as everlastingly! Big bad beats and fearless twisting basslines get the Mashur treatment on every way for a signature tone that's nothing compact of epic! His arsenal of exterminator beats spans across Dubstep, Drumstep, DNB, Hip Hop, Yap and are a growing testament to Mashur's adroit bonus for banging out remarkable, next unvarying anthems that release on all fronts. Erect way, there's a fancy line of pernicious and dank music coming from Mashur in 2016, from Russia with bass! Hailing from Russia, Mashur's gentlemanly and head up end result manner has been making big waves in the resistance bass music creation!

Mashur - Still Alive (Original Mix)