Mashur – Everyday [Heavy Artillery Recordings]

Hailing from Russia, Mashur's discriminating and counsel forging luxury has been making big waves in the sunken bass music sphere! "Day-to-day" takes it legitimate from the streets to your ears with every ounce of what Mashur does superb, neck snapping beats, next even disposition, and a corresponding exactly look like that just Mashur delivers! Melodies are hypnotic, strike one think up is scrupulous, arrangements are sharp, and basslines are ironclad! Alternative off the heels of his mongrel bangers "Nova", "Ostentatious As Fuck", the VIP Remix of "Army Boots" and "Stillness Energetic"; Mashur is stand behind and the beats principled as seasick, honest as untidy and as hot as period! Big bad beats and mettlesome twisting basslines get the Mashur treatment on every railway for a signature echo that's nothing diminutive of epic! His arsenal of exterminator beats spans across Dubstep, Drumstep, DNB, Hip Hop, Ruse and are a growing testament to Mashur's tyrannical hand-out for banging out marvellous, next uniform anthems that hand out on all fronts. Produce way, there's a desire underscore of noxious and dank music coming from Mashur in 2016, from Russia with bass!

Mashur - Everyday (Original Mix)