Marvin Wilson – Music For The Midnight Cafe [Alex Tronic Records]

The Music For the Marvin`s line has also appeared on the a variety of stock Goa Run aground compilation albums in current years. Wilson`s Being Here album was described by Liam Arnold of The Pinched as "A charming mix of downbeat ambience and soaring euphoria", – One of Alex Tronic's Records finest releases to archaic, Music from the Midnight Cafe follows a fertile in deposit of prior works. Music for the Midnight Cafe is the fifth CD on Alex Tronic Records from Leeds based electronic Canada entrepreneur Marvin Wilson.

Marvin Wilson - PS 77 (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Time Lapse (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Echo-Plex (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Kubricks Lydon (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Far Side of the Sun (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Velvet Logic (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - The Absence (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Music for the Midnight Cafe (Original Mix)
Marvin Wilson - Argento (Original Mix)