Martin Landsky – Rythm Train Ep [Re:Fresh Your Mind]

The repute says it all. Apropos drums, percussions and basslines, the Drum Dub of 'Solitaire' accentuates Martin Landskys predilection for spontaneous clubnights. RYM018 comes along with two originals, bursting at the seams with banging drums as superbly as melodic rhythms. Choo Choo, Thesis Cavalcade is coming! A brawny Tech Legislature dragon overruns the dancefloor, predestinated for some severe visor measure exercise. Gormandize and SKAIs identification catalogue has an ell to the one’s nearest by Berlins larger half Martin Landsky. Blemished primary, named 'Solitaire', is an discerning arranged weapon combining percussions, rolling basslines and as-challenging vocals. The primary footmarks, as eponym of the EP, is 'Accent Retainers'. The next artist who is releasing on RYM is a indubitably DJ's DJ.

Martin Landsky - Rythm Train (Original)
Martin Landsky - Solitaire (Original)
Martin Landsky - Solitaire (Drum Dub)