Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann, Jonny Cruz, Martin Landsky – Fred The Ball [Upon You Records]

Timelessness defined. Martin Landsky and Marco Resmann are teaming up in the studio again for a adhere to up to hindmost years critically acclaimed smash Lava, also released below their conjunctional Landsky & Resmann moniker. Now they're uphold with another raw connection a new segregate entitled Fred The Ball. They ain't callin' him Fred The Ball for nuthin'. And while we're leaving it up to tomorrow interviewers to show what methodically the prominence of the interest footpath refers to, their ode to Fred The Ball is most evidently a overjoyed one featuring sufficiently keen modulations with an acidic garble, unprocessed hi-hats and rather a clutch of idiom-in-cheek vocals oozing exaltation and raw, uplifting dynamism for all important jackers out there. Completely electronic music seasoned Martin Landsky is on remix duties for Poly Mono, coming up with another obscure banger sporting DubTechno referencing pads and twisted vocal reverbs alongside energetic percussions with a slight Latin vibe and frantic develop intensify-ups admirably-appealing to all lovers of time-honoured Stick Techno for a understanding. The younger real melody on here is Poly Mono in which Landsky & Resmann extend their make on the promisc lane and shwocase their knack for expertly crafted clarify rides and noteworthy, yet in the final fashionably executed modulations that are on par with the Motor Municipality elite and put this pitch in the crates of all lifetime Techno favorites for a rationality. On a remix business we see Marco Resmann putting in a infinitesimal appurtenance in his usage made idea of Fred The Ball, presenting a fusion of unyielding stomping, burly drums and unstarched floating pads accompanied by a beyond and juvenile, successfully bewitching predominant figure for light-hearted behindhand gloom sessions. So here they in again!

Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann, Jonny Cruz - Fred The Ball feat. Jonny Cruz (Original Mix)
Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann, Jonny Cruz - Fred The Ball feat. Jonny Cruz (Marco Resmann Remix)
Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann - Poly Mono (Original Mix)
Martin Landsky, Marco Resmann - Poly Mono (Martin Landsky Remix)