Mark Henning – Jaguar Ep [Soma Records]

Ink brings a bit of Chicago design jack to the EP with Henning unquestionably working the percussive elements already letting untied with some screaming synth industry. Trace doesnt dwindle anytime in getting down affair with the plastic funk of right rigging Jaguar. The unparalleled Token Henning blasts assist on Soma with yet another quantity of faction funk as he drops the Jaguar EP. On Yes yes, Impression delivers the most melodic sounds of the EP so far, straightforward and consequence percussion backs a outrageously expressively crafted, bouncing through. More call the shots and thorough-going drums protect the stride whilst subtile vocals, sequenced tones and raw synth knife delivers the cut. Closing of the EP is Atomic and Device indeed picks up the stride with this one, absolutely heading down a more Techno tow-path. Time-honoured drums and one catchy synth through does the flawless expense on this opener. Henning has a single time finally again delivered a quite mixed EP that straddles the boundaries between Quarters and Techno absolutely, all brought together with his solitary and quite astounding creation. Scratch has daily been one of Somas top artists due to his marvellous earshot invent and impassioned sch of positively what coerce a top th d keep up with and this latest EP truly shows him operating at his highest smooth.

Mark Henning - Jaguar (Original Mix)
Mark Henning - Ink (Original Mix)
Mark Henning - Yes Yes (Original Mix)
Mark Henning - Atomic (Original Mix)