Mark Broom, 3KZ – Bounder [Suburban Avenue]

B1 "Perspective' and B2 "Injury" are compartment two trippy and sad techno tracks with hypnotic synths aimed at the big floors The Ep offers three dissimilar techno tracks, Bounder, Comprehension and Hardship, produced by two of finest Italian inexperienced talents, and Kaelan, accompanied by an surprising and classy remix from the skipper Impression Broom. With A2 "Bounder – Scratch Broom remix" the English techno folk tale delivers a beautiful Detroit influenced remix of A1. 3KZ delivers the maiden recording for the new vinyl mark Suburban Avenue. A1 "Bounder" is a rightly dancefloor daisy line, with epic chords and solid striation.

3KZ - Bounder (Original Mix)
3KZ - Bounder (Mark Broom Remix)
3KZ - Perception (Original Mix)
3KZ - Oppression (Original Mix)