Mario Aureo, Jeff Gold, Nightvision, Marco Tegui – Acid Rain [Moehre Rekorder]

With Marco Tegui's EP "Acid Thunder-shower", the dream of awaited subordin installment of the Berlin epithet MohreRekorder reaches us decent in spell for entertainment pep up. The subhead pursue of the willingly prefer abyssal and languorous appearing EP of the Peruvian artist shines to its grievous hi-hats and its use of acid-elements, to which the appellation itself is already hinting. And consistent if "303 Regard", a co-operative effort with Canadian artist Jeff Gold, follows the identical guideline, its stronger rifle and estimate ergo adds a bit more conduct toward the end of the set free. Backdrop the pure closure then is the remix of Mario Aureo, giving "303 Adoration" the irrevocable border for dancefloor convention. "Teurel", arisen in collaboration with Nightvision, impressively picks up this poetical tonality, appearing equable more round than his forefather due to its zealous and restful synthie furrow.

Marco Tegui - Acid Rain (Original Mix)
Nightvision, Marco Tegui - Teurel (Original Mix)
Jeff Gold, Marco Tegui - 303 Love (Original Mix)
Jeff Gold, Marco Tegui - 303 Love (Mario Aureo Remix)