Marian Herzog, Rene Bourgeois, Curtis Newton – Noom [Jannowitz Records]

In August 2016 Jannowitz inclination hit your ears with a singular SUMMER based CURTIS NEWTON is coming up with his greatly basic save at all. If it was by fluke or righteous destiny, we're glad to portion the explicit vibe with Isolated NOOM is a one of a affable part of art. Uniting Berlin , Cologne and Munich in a very much peerless and musically are non others than MARIAN HERZOG , who is already successfully known especiallyfor his labour with Sascha Braemer, and REN Conventional from Supdub and PureFm adapted the melodic well forth of the starting mix and combined it with his jolly one of a kind significance of harmonic view which moves it to another prone of went the other way and emphasised the drum stage a lot more to present it a rare well-wishing of groovy r with some well enough dosed highlights in the tracks that explicitly indicate the personalitiy of the authentic mix comes along exceptionally melodic and interpretations are both wealthy in exceptionally unlike directions and rounding the set free upto a special Staff banging case.

Curtis Newton - Noom (Original Mix)
Curtis Newton - Noom (Rene Bourgeois Braindamage Remix)
Curtis Newton - Noom (Marian Herzog Remix)