Mari Fracasso, Leonardo Gobbi, Gustavo Tiguman, Serial Chillerz – Higher [Hap Pines Records]

Surrounds the listener to a sensible spill of inventiveness that certainly creates en excited be aware. A rocking bassline takes us to a wonderful course, while another singular and galvanizing bass melodiousness kicks in to occasion a more novel adjoin to the rails. New set free contains a coalesce of ancestry music effects all entirely the EP, giving it that tactful and tasteful noise. We proudly present-day our new set


Serial Chillerz, Clara Levy - Higher (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz, Gustavo Tiguman - Limitless (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - Fuck Off (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - DUKKE (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz, Leonardo Gobbi - Full Goodness (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - Jopri (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - Milky (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - Squad (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz - Asylum (Original Mix)
Serial Chillerz, Mari Fracasso - So Close, So High (Original Mix)