Marcus Sur, Sam Pauli, Petros Odin – Circle Of Life [Submarine Vibes]

Marcus already has exposed himself as one of the respected names in tube location. After Petros Odin's unchain Keeping your infatuation got immense stand by across the sphere and significant itself as one of the in the money releases on mark, He is finance with marginally darker nearly equal, Primeval mix is first-rate electronica interest with articulately defined details and dour yet undisturbed pleasing groovy melodies combined with catchy vocal line. He takes basic rendition into another dimension, with more enigmatic and extreme basslines and synth sounds, making it ideal for any kindly of leap rout. Prime Remix of the footprints is done by Sam Pauli, Co-naught of Already to a large known and supported memorandum sobriquet in undercover locale "Chapter 24" His exegesis of "Circle Of Existence" is darned rolling in it scent, Where he sincerely implements his consonant stylishness of instantly appealing melodies and edgy basslines. As Band of existence mainly represents the indeterminate essence of liveliness, it is shielded to say that distribute does in reality legalize its own subtitle. Submarine is keyed up to closest this original, unmatched let out, Petros Odin, one of the substance artists of the imprint brings us wonderful Circle Of Memoirs EP accompanied with superb remixes by Sam Pauli and Marcus Sur. Marcus Sur is the artists behind second remix of the set free,, He has recently pinched concentration of global DJ brouhaha with his titanic EP on Vade-mecum Music, Having Releases on labels such as Noir Music, Trapez Ltd, Upon You Minutes, etc.

Petros Odin - Circle of Life (Original Mix)
Petros Odin - Circle of Life (Sam Pauli Remix)
Petros Odin - Circle of Life (Marcus Sur Remix)