Marcus Raute, Rhode & Brown, Meek – Blayre Ep [Colour In Music]

The Marcus Raute remix of 'Dub 90' sticks to a similarly stripped directions, but adds a falsify after the break into bits, where the on goes into a abyssal, enexpected passion of emotional pads, a raw saw bassline and evolving arpeggio lines. The ownership road is a touchy serving of line music, driven by a swarming carpet of filtered pads, hushed vocal bits and a reduced, yet punchy ryhthm cleave. The blemished keep a record of on the Ep is called 'Dub 90' and, as the designate suggests, revolves about a percussion grievous dub furrow, slices of monotonous vocals and an array of gated atmo synths. Tinge In Music is treating us with their 19th deliver, this era with music by Edinburgh based activity Compliant with the 'Blayre' EP. Munichs Rhode & Brown turn 'Blayre' the old junior high school treatment with their '707 Relationship Remix', focusing on the eponymous 80s drum tool, airy synth melodies and a few glimpses of the basic pads.

Meek - Blayre (Original Mix)
Meek - Blayre (Rhode & Brown '707 Affair' Remix)
Meek - Dub 90 (Original Mix)
Meek - Dub 90 (Marcus Raute Rethink)