Marcos Arreza – Chamboa [Over Records]

He has often counted with the stout strengthen of his municipal friends such as Raúl Pacheco, Superlive, The Bums, Alberto Rodriguez, Juanma Casaú, Jesus Vaquerizo without forgetting one of his finest mates Kiko Cerezo who is the DJ and business who taught him all the rudiments of music product. Along with Juanma Casaú, Marcos has played at most of his townswoman clubs having created a catchy phrase auspices of each and one of them. His passion and forte to bring out music is so latent that these days he is concentrating all his prominence on creating tracks which latitude from Tech-Family, Techno to Chasmic Assembly. He has played at events like Rustic Pass in review, presentations of Hebben Existent, Sibersonica Akuatik Fest, Summer Carnival… His occupation like a DJ began in 2005 when he was only just 9 years old. As to producing his own music in the upcoming years, Marcos Arreza owed his early beginnings to a end familiar Kiko Cerezo who talked him into delving in music output. At the age he would charge out of mixing as a pastime, but it is not until years later that he literally began mixing at inconsequential clubs in his own hometown. It not regardless until 2012-2013 that his projects started to become manifest. and has shared the lap with artists of the likes of Misstress Barbara, Marco Bailey, Dj Murphy, David Mallada, Marc Marzenit, Alex Junior to, Henry Saiz… Internationally acclaimed producers such as Umek, Siwell, Paco Maroto, Matthew Codek, Cuartero mid diverse others not remedy Marcos Arreza to persevere set more in forging in front with his new artistic ideas which he is now succeeding in putting into frame of reference. Marcos Arreza was born in Talarrubias in Badajoz (Spain).

Marcos Arreza - Chamboa (Original Mix)
Marcos Arreza - Shipwreck (Original Mix)