Marco Shuttle – Flauto Synthetico [Spazio Disponibile]

Lastly, 'Flauto Synthetico' is an audacious 11 shake production with unhurried, undulating drums forming a main ingredient for experiential synth patterns, uneven phasing and cold bleeps to all tinge the airwaves with a nous of at an advanced hour Cimmerian dark and futuristic intimidation. It is music that is both cerebral yet visceral and fits in nicely with the MO of the Italian appellation so far…. Dozzy and Neel's amazing new stamp Spazio Disponibile serves up a third liberate this summer, with the latest one coming from Italian Marco Commute. 'Danza Cinetica' is then darker and more fierce but fair as vast and involving, with paranoid melodic daubs falling from more than as suggestive youthful synth sounds bleep under. 'Flusso Dinamico' opens up the EP with sevens minutes of brooding, flowing and glib techno that is spooky and haunting. A tender cacophony of big bells stomp all unctuous rubber drums and suck you recondite into the trough. The techno stylist and Spectral boss serves up three tracks that prolong to stamp out his heady and hypnotic aesthetic.

Marco Shuttle - Flusso Dinamico (Original Mix)
Marco Shuttle - Danza Cinetica (Original Mix)
Marco Shuttle - Flauto Synthetico (Original Mix)