Marco Faraone – Raw Jamsessions 001 [Ovum Recordings]

Marco Faraone makes his debut on Josh Winks legendary Ovum Recordings with an original 4 track EP. EntitledRaw Jamsessions 001, the EP is the first of a new concept series intended for vinyl lovers and those whoappreciate the analogue sound.

The entire EP was produced live, with Marco connecting his hardware, preparing the patterns and recordinglive to Tape, unedited. The result is four high quality dance floor tools, with a raw, dusty, old-school analogueedge. Whilst each track is untitled, they each have their own distinct feel; the first is a rolling journey of echoingsynths and hefty drums, whilst the second is a long-player featuring a cascade of acid-tinged stabs. On the Bside003 makes for a laid-back yet gritty 6 minutes, whilst 004 closes off the EP with layers of percussion overa thudding bassline.

Raw Jamsessions 001 cements Marco Faraones status as a truly talented and diverse producer.

Huge Support from: Josh Wink, Josepg Capriati, Laurent Garnier, Anna, Rolando, Tommy Four Seven, Shlomi Aber, Ambivalent and more!!!

Marco Faraone - Jamsession 001 (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone - Jamsession 002 (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone - Jamsession 003 (Original Mix)
Marco Faraone - Jamsession 004 (Original Mix)