Marco Colombino – Night Vibes Ep [No-Attitude]

Marco Colombino's sophomore release on No-Attitude Recordings, Night Vibes EP encapsulates the deeper mood and darker melodies of Marco's London underpinning. The title track hits with a super deep rumbling bassline and eerie high note piano undertones. An atmospheric twinkling takes over the break and sounds of gas mask breaths amplifies the intensity. Night Vibes screams quintessential afterparty track.

Starting off quite minimal and transforming into an echoing rumble baseline, Transition follows the common theme of Night Vibes' darkness. The flavour kicks in once you hear those 808s and heavy high hats. A spoken vocal contemplates the true meaning of music.

Let's be honest, High Street will never be a dance floor mega hit. But then again that's not the goal is it? It's weird. It's strange. And it invokes feeling. Heavy moodiness. Steady vibration. Thickest bassline and trippiest break.

Marco Colombino - Night Vibes (Original Mix)
Marco Colombino - Transition (Original Mix)
Marco Colombino - High Street (Original Mix)